How to care for my bags

All my customers note that my bags live very long life. But if you want your bags serving you for long time you need use them correctly. There are many advices how to care for leather in Internet. I’ll just add my notices.

  • Please keep away from prolonged dampness as some leather can get mildew. Chamois may get stroke marks from water.
  • If your wallet dampens and and picks up a mildew odor air-cure it and place it near aromatic items such as a perfumed handkerchief. Leather absorbs surrounding smells very well. In this way your wallet will take on a pleasant odor.
  • Keep leather away from long exposure to sun. Brightly colored chamois may fade in strong sunlight.
  • If your wallet has fallen in water, don’t dry it at high temperature or in the bright sun. Leather may scorch.
  • Use an eraser to take away finger smudges on chamois.
  • You can even wash your wallet (use cool water only!). But be prepared for washed-out colors of brightly colored chamois. Temperature of the water mustn’t go beyond 40 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit). At temperatures of 40-42 degrees Celsius (104-108 degrees Fahrenheit) collagen, that the leather consists of, begins to collapse.